O'Keefe's Family Album 
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Highlight for Album: Chloe Samantha O'Keefe-AKA Mooshie
Chloe Samantha O'Keefe-AKA Mooshie
Chloe is 4!

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Highlight for Album: The Nash Family
The Nash Family
The Nash family: Thomas, Jennifer, Breanna, and Russell

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Highlight for Album: Florida visits PA
Florida visits PA
Jess and Chloe came to PA for a week of fun and excitement in early June, 2007

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Highlight for Album: Razorbee Cupcake Express
Razorbee Cupcake Express
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Highlight for Album: Seattle Washintgon, 2006
Seattle Washintgon, 2006
In Sept, 06 a good buddy of mine and I went up to Microsoft Headquarters in Redmon, WA for a IT Consultant Convention call SMB Nation. When we were flying in, John said look out the window. I had no idea that we were crossing over the Cascade Mountain Range. From there I was hooked... He went to this thing last year, and said that there was an even bigger mountain. Right when we where landing into Seattle Airport I looked out the other side of the plane's window and saw a snow capped mountain. Mt. Rainier.
- Landing a little over a 2 hour drive away (not knowing) I was destined to see that mountain as close as possible. When we got into the rental I would not shut up about going to the mountain. In fact I might have even gone a little over board, but I was seeing the most beautiful scenery I have ever seen, and I was up there for a conference.
- I was looking forward to actually going to the Microsoft Campus in Redmond, and was quite impresed but didn't take any pictures. The conference was awesome, but the mountain took the cake.
- We ended up leaving the conference on the last day early and took the drive. We were told that it was from an 1 1/2 - 4 hours away. By the time we finally got to the National Park entrance it was about a 2 hour drive. Then a 30 minutes drive to the top. Whe went up to 1 out of the 2 places you can go. The place was called Paradise. I was in awe the entire time. John had his laughs though, cuz we had this pt cruiser, and I was turning all kinds of ways to get the perfect picture on the way up to the mountain, and back down. Now, if you know me, I am not a small person.. Now see me in the passenger seat of this tiny car. Needless to say, I was banged around a little, and my neck was killing me. When we got to the top 4k feet.. we were flabbergassed (spell check) It is so amazing to see this and to put life in prospective. We were up there for about 4 hours, and we were without cell service for almost 6.
- We are such little antz in this huge world. This is one of those trips that you remember forever. Thanks to for John agreeing taking the ride. We were getting more excited everyime we saw the mountain with a diffenrt view. Hell he was the one that spotted the deer 20 yards up the rode! That just doesn't happen, I am usually the one seeing the deer 1st... These were huge bucks, check out the pictues.. Only got one shot good before John pulled over and started running after them.. I will never forget that.. Seeing this grown man runnig after deer with a camera!! After that we pulled off the rode again and went up a trail. John got some great pictures and hopefully they will end up on the pages after #9. He went up even further to get some great creek pics. The air was soo thin up there I decided to stay down!! I hope you enjoyed these pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them.
- Thanks to Jess and Chloe for letting me go away for a few days, and hopefully we will all make it up there together.

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